Adam Birkenstock, LCSW

Director of Programming

Adam Birkenstock is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who oversees the clinical operations at the heart of LICADD’s mission, providing support, guidance, and oversight to each member of the clinical team. He provides supervision and training to staff members, drawing from his years of experience as a direct service worker in an OASAS setting to help his clinicians make appropriate referrals and provide effective care. Adam also coordinates with treatment agencies across Long Island to ensure all individuals contacting LICADD are accessing quality care at facilities that can help them on the path to recovery, and maintains contact with communities across the island combatting the epidemic of drug use. When he’s not meeting with professionals, educating clinicians and communities, or assisting his team in their work, you’ll find him on the phones at LICADD and in session with clients seeking help. The mission of LICADD calls on staff to engage on all levels to aid our communities in healing from drug and alcohol addiction – Adam is dedicated to that mission.

Rolling up his sleeves for SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referrals to Treatment) and progress notes is nothing new for the Clinical Director. In 2011 he began his journey in the field with an internship at LICADD that sparked his passion for outreach, education, prevention and intervention for substance abuse. The intervening years as a clinician in direct service have served to broaden his knowledge of clinical interventions, as well as the challenges facing clients on personal, family, agency, and state levels as they pursue their recovery. Given an opportunity to return to LICADD to lead a skilled team in continuing this mission, Adam is in the position he feels called to be – helping those struggling with addiction find hope, healing, and lasting recovery.

Adam received his undergraduate degree in German Language and Literature from Franklin & Marshall College in 2009, and his Master of Social Work degree in 2013.