Third Party Fundraising

Thank you for helping LICADD expand its fundraising efforts by working with the community to hold a third party fundraising event in support of our programs.

When planning a LICADD event please keep the following ground rules in mind:

A Third Party LICADD fundraising event must…

  • Have a signed third Party Fundraising Contract that has been reviewed and authorized by the Executive Director
  • Provide revenue in support LICADD’s programs and services
  • Promote LICADD’s mission
  • Represent the values of the agency
  • Be held in an appropriate and safe venue

A Third Party LICADD fundraising event must NOT

  • Promote the use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs
  • Provide gaming opportunities
  • Utilize the LICADD name or logo without explicit authorization

LICADD Checklist

Does LICADD have all of the following information from the host/event organizer?
  • A signed third Party Fundraiser Contract
  • Does the event host/organizer fully understand our policy on alcohol, tobacco use and gaming?
  • Complete contact information including cell phone # and email
  • Event: location
  • Event: date and start time
  • Anticipated audience, attendance and revenue
  • Type of activity / event