Relapse Prevention

Have you just gotten out of treatment and are you looking for continued support? Relapse Prevention is a program that teaches individuals with substance use disorders (SUD) in early recovery how to anticipate and cope with the potential for relapse.

LICADD relapse prevention is used as an aftercare program to sustain gains achieved during initial substance use treatment. Coping skills training is the cornerstone of RPT, teaching individuals how to:

  • Understand relapse as a process
  • Identify and cope effectively with high-risk situations such as
    negative emotional states, interpersonal conflict, and social pressure
  • Cope with urges and craving
  • Implement damage control procedures during a lapse to
    minimize negative consequences
  • Stay engaged in treatment even after a relapse
  • Learn how to create a more balanced lifestyle
  • Reframe change as process rather than an event
  • Accept relapse as part of the process
  • Learn new lifestyle modifications
  • Learn about meditation, exercise and spirituality as healthy coping skills